PSTech develops light, inflatable and portable products designed for emergency applications

Emergency and Humanitarian Aids

The PS-Bridge has a clear primary target user to government and international organizations responsible for rapid response solutions in emergencies or humanitarian crisis situations.

Pedestrian bridges

The PS-Bridge has the potential to be used as a temporal pedestrian bridge for which metallic or composite material solutions are typically used.

Military bridges

The PS-Bridge can also be applicable as a military bridge for rear operations.

An average of 1 natural disaster per day occur every year. Almost 50% of the material and human resources mobilized in a catastrophe are necessary to restore basic infrastructures. Current solutions for temporary bridges, and in particular those of rapid deployment, have been developed during World War II. Since then these bridges have suffered virtually no innovations. They are heavy solutions, difficult to transport and require a great effort of assembly, often with heavy equipment needs.
PSTECH develops light, inflatable and portable products specially designed for emergency applications when an immediate deployment of infrastructures is required. These inflatable structures are envisioned to contribute to emergency services to drastically reduce the resources needed for transportation and assembly, allowing these resources to be used to assist population and bring them food, water and medicines.

PNEUMATIC STRUCTURES TECHNOLOGIES S.L. (PSTECH) is a start-up company created in February 2015 after an initiative of BuildAir (a company expert on the design and construction of inflatable hangars, www.buildair.com), the International Center on Numerical Methods in Engineering CIMNE, www.cimne.com), and other investors. PSTECH team provides the company with all the design, production, commercialization and maintenance capacities required to successfully produce and commercialize the inflatable structures.



Leader company on design and manufacture of inflatable hangars for aeronautics provides PSTECH with its distribution and commercialization network.


International Center on Numerical Methods in Engineering, expert on finite element models provides its expertise on the calculations, design, and validation of the inflatable emergency structures.

Tensairity Solutions

PSTECH’s ultralight bridges are based on the innovative Tensairity® technology from Tensairity Solutions that is licensed by PSTECH.

CIMNE Tecnologia

CIMNE Tecnologia S.A., is a fund raising activities organizer and a business development company.

Compass IS

Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A., is a consulting services company specialized in engineering design, as well as in the development of software for numerical simulation and information management in technology. Its main activities are focused in Civil, Industrial, Telecommunication and Naval Engineering areas.