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natural disasters in the world per year
million people affected every year
of the resources are used to re-establish roads
hours is the time needed to set-up the PS-Bridge

There is an average of 417 natural disasters in the world per year (more than 1 per day), 76.000 deaths (200 per day) and 221 million people affected (reported natural disasters according to vast majority of the existing solutions for fast deployment temporary bridges require the transfer of large loads and volumes of parts, demanding a great deal of assembly effort, including the use of heavy equipment. Almost 50% of the transportation resources and people mobilized in a catastrophe are used to re-establish road communications.

This fact highlights the need for a new ultra light-weight rapid deployment bridge that can facilitate all the logistical aspects for fast bridging operations in emergencies. Drastically reducing the resources needed for transportation and assembly and allowing these resources to be used to assist the population.It is expected that the solutions required in situations of extreme urgency are very easy to operate, using the minimum possible resources and minimizing the logistic efforts of transport and assembly, which are always scarce.

PS-Bridge introduces an important innovation in the temporary structures sector as it substantially reduces the time and effort to restore road communications facilitating transport and assembly tasks.