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Research milestones

January 2017

2017. Development and validation of the 3-beams, 16m bridge prototype.

January 2016

2016. Development of the 15,6m-beam prototype.

January 2014

2014. Development and validation of 2-beams, 14m bridge prototype.

January 2013

2013. Development of the 14m x 1.75m beam prototype.

January 2011

2011-2012. Development of air-beams. Lab testing and computational modeling of the air-beams behavior.

R&D Projects

Desarrollo de un puente liviano, modular y portable con vigas Tensairity (PS BRIDGE)

Reference: RTC-2017-5872-8
Call: Retos Colaboración 2017
Dates: 01/07/2018-30/06/2020

Este proyecto ha sido financiado por el Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades dentro del Subprograma Retos Colaboración en el marco del Programa de Fomento I+D+i orientada a retos de la  sociedad

Air-Bridge: development, validation and transfer to market of a prototype of Air-Bridge for surface transport vehicles

Reference: IU041777
Call: PROVA’T program
Coordinator: CIMNE
Year: 2012-2013

Nuevos Puentes Ultraligeros de Despliegue Rápido para situaciones de emergencia

Reference: IPT-2011-1481-390000
Call: Innpacto Program
Coordinator: Buidair
Year: 2011-2012
Funded by Spanish Ministry (MINECO)

Transportable Bridge

Funding aimed to perform a sound analysis of the temporary bridges market and validate the new technology developed by PSTech.

Reference: SME-2015-0655
Call: H2020-SME Instrument Phase 1 (Horizonte PYME)
Coordinator: PSTech
Year: 2015

Este proyecto ha sido financiado por el Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad dentro del Programa Estatal de Liderazgo Empresarial en I+D+i, en el marco del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016.

Light bridge light-weight easy-deployable bridge for road transport vehicles

In LIGHT BRIDGE we will develop, test and subsequently market a unique light-weight, easily deployable and adaptive bridge for road transport vehicles (hereafter termed “light-bridge”). The light-bridge will facilitate accelerated bridging operations needed in many situations in road transport in zones under hazard scenarios. It will be also useful for temporary bridging in locations requiring rapid transport restoration due to accidents or repair of road infrastructure.

Reference: EUROSTARS E!9203 – CIIP-20151004
Coordinator: BUILDAIR
Year: 2015-2017
Co-funded by CDTI (Programa Interempresas)

Puente ultraligero de despliegue rápido

The project “Ultralight Bridge for Rapid Deployment” has been valued by the CDTI as one of the best proposals submitted to the 2016 Neotec Program, within the infrastructure / construction sector. PSTech will receive financing of € 169,575 during 2017 and 2018. The NEOTEC Program grants finance the start-up of new business projects that require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from the research activity, in which the business strategy base in the development of technology.

Reference: EXP 00093176 / SNEO‐20161047
Call: Neotec
Coordinator: PSTech
Year: 2016-2018
Funded by CDTI

Other research lines

  • Inflatable dam, a universal flood protection tool using the force of the water to protect against floods
  • Emergency tents, portable, easy to transport and assembly shelters for emergency and humanitarian aid.

Funding Bodies